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What We Expect From You
We are looking for honest, friendly, courteous, hard-working individuals to serve our valued guests. You must have access to reliable transportation to get to and from work daily.

What You Can Expect from Us
Shipley Do-Nuts is a fun and fast-paced environment where you will be treated with dignity, courtesy, and professionalism.  If you enjoy working hard with an uplifting, supportive and caring team then Shipley Do-Nuts is where you want to be.

A variety of positions and shifts are available. The three categories are Production/Baker, Customer Service and Customer Service - Opening/Closing.


Production - Baker, Cutter, Fryer


The Cutter is responsible for mixing the dough and creating all of the categories of food items from the dough. This is probably the most challenging position in the do-nut store. Because, not only does it require some muscle to block, roll and cut the dough; but it also requires some artistic talent to craft the dough into the individual products (do-nuts, shells for filling, twists, rolls, bars for filling, fritters, and kolaches). There are a number of machines, tools, and equipment that assist the Cutter in this work (mixer, cutting table, rolling pin, pastry wheel, dough scraper, whisk, etc.)


The Fryer is responsible for frying and glazing the do-nuts as needed to satisfy customer demand. The fryer also monitors the merchandise display and communicates with the Customer Service staff to determine production needs. An important challenge for the Fryer is to keep an eye on the level of proofing of the do-nuts in the proof box. The proofing process takes about 20 minutes. If the do-nuts are fried too early (or under-proofed), the do-nuts did not have enough time to rise and the resulting do-nut will be smaller and denser. If the do-nuts are fried too late (or over-proofed), the resulting do-nuts will be too big and will absorb too much oil. At Shipley's we only fry perfectly-proofed do-nuts that are light, delicious and non-greasy to the taste.


The Baker is responsible for prepping and baking our donuts, kolaches, cinnamon rolls and other baked items. The Baker usually oversees the frying of our cake do-nuts as well. The Baker must continually monitor production needs of the kolaches, one of our most popular items. There are several steps involved here so it is important to know how many of each variety are available for sale in the display warmer, how many are prepared in the refrigerator, how many are in the proof box and how many are in the oven.


Customer Service

This position is primarily in direct contact with our customers by greeting them in a friendly manner upon entry into our store.  The person in this position will take orders, package the order and accept payment for the order.  This position is responsible for stocking supplies, for maintaining the orderly appearance of the front counter area and for housekeeping of the dining room, restrooms and the front lobby area of the store, as well as wash dishes and to sweep and mop as required.  We are looking for someone to give our customers an incredibly friendly and warm experience in our store every day.


Customer Service - Open / Close

Opener - All of the above and additional training on the various preparation work stations, proper procedures to open the store, prepare the product for display, set up store for customer entry, clean work stations after completing preparation and transition to customer service.  The hours for this position are 3:30am - 9:30am (or 10:00).


Closer - All of the above and additional training on the proper closing procedures to safely and completely close the store at the end of the business day.  The hours for this position are typically 7:00am - 2:30pm with some flexibility on the start time.


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