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Welcome to Shipley Do-Nuts on Anderson Lane

2113 W. Anderson Ln., Austin TX  78757

No matter how you spell it; do-nuts, donuts, or doughnuts, it's really about taste and Shipley Do-Nuts are just plain good. Since 1936 Shipley Do-Nuts has grown from a single location in Houston, Texas to over 227 locations in six states. The growth has made Shipley Do-Nuts a great business ownership opportunity for many. In fact, Shipley Do-Nuts is the oldest and largest continually operating family owned doughnut brand in the United States.

Shipley Do-Nuts offers artisan made pastries featuring handmade kolaches, cinnamon rolls, chocolate twists, bear claws and many more bakery varieties than the average national chain donut shop using mechanized systems.

Shipley Do-Nuts offers a unique balance between volume donut production methods and pastries made by hand. We bring together the fresh aroma of coffee, cinnamon, vanilla and hot baked bread every morning in each of our kitchens. Our kitchen can satisfy the donut lover in you as well as provide a wide variety of pastries with flavors of an old world bakery. 

This site was created by Shipley Do-Nuts - on Anderson Lane in Austin, Texas.  Please contact us if you have questions, compliments or comments about our local operations. We encourage customer feedback to help us provide the best possible service.